Effective music search is grounded in a cohesive, comprehensive approach to tagging and metadata

TagTeam Analysis has extensive experience helping design, structure, and evaluate the effectiveness of metadata in medium- to large-scale music libraries.


Our background in the production music industry has given us many years to refine a highly flexible in-house taxonomy of industry usage tags targeted for modern film and TV.


But since the content and needs of specific libraries can vary greatly, we also regularly consult with catalog owners to identify potential shortcomings in their tagging schema, helping ensure their music library maintains good search health going forward.


We provide music library organization consulting both for production libraries needing a re-design, as well as for newer libraries just starting out in the industry.


We offer guidance for building a solid structure of keywords based around the common descriptive fields such as genre, sub-genre, styles (music for), featured instruments, with best tagging practices for tagging your music. We also offer more advanced metadata services for libraries looking to get the most out of their music.


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Here are some tagging tips to help get your library started on the right track: