We regularly work with all leading production music licensing and distribution platforms.

Take a look at some of our regular platform partners here:


SourceAudio has long been the gold standard for modern production music search, distribution and one-stop licensing, and features an affordable, feature-rich platform that scales with your library as you grow. Their intuitive interface lets you easily customize the branding and layout of your site, manage search metadata for your tracks, and even set up advanced content tracking and royalty reporting for your catalog. TagTeam's own tagging taxonomy started with our frequent delivery to SourceAudio's backend, and we continue to ingest metadata into their rock-solid search platform to this day.

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Customizable, branded playlist sharing is at the core of DISCO’s functionality, and their approach to music discovery has resulted in a platform tailor-made for those doing the actual listening (and licensing) in the industry. They boast a large user base of music supervisors and editors actively working in the film, tv, and ads space, and while their approach to landing music licenses is more networking-based, less "set-it-and-forget-it", their platform tools make it seamless to keep up with creative briefs, send out new releases, and manage a music library all at the same time.

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Harvest Media

Any list of modern production music publishers would be woefully incomplete without Harvest Media, easily one of the biggest players in the industry by user base, subpublisher network size, and sheer number of features. They bring an exhaustive breadth of offerings to the table, especially when it comes to integration with their network of subpublishers & third party services across monitoring, monetisation and distribution/DSP. In fact, Harvest-format CSVs are so widely accepted amongst subpubs that they’re practically the gold standard for deliverable metadata.

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CadenzaBox is a music search platform aimed squarely at offering cutting-edge tech integrations hand-in-hand with bespoke branded UI. Their highly flexible site is backed by the team at Idea Junction, a boutique online design company with a strong portfolio in the music industry, and boasts clean, modern aesthetics paired with powerful search and customizable features. Our clients speak highly of their support team, who is hands-on in putting their features to the fullest with newcomers to their service, and we're impressed by the adaptable metadata features the site has to offer.

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