Position: Music Analyst

About TagTeam Analysis

TagTeam Analysis offers music tagging services to companies in need of an advanced music search system.  We are a team of analysts with extensive music backgrounds and analyst experience and training.  More Importantly, we take a sensitive approach to matching production music industry standard buzz words and usage terms and descriptors for client tracks.

About the Job

As a music analyst on the tagging team, you will have a unique opportunity to use your music listening skills,  while having the flexibility of working remotely as an independent contractor.
Music repertoire includes production music, trailer music, sound design, orchestral hybrids, hybrid genres, pop, rock, electronic, instrumental and lyrical.


  • Ability to identify instrumentation.
  • Choose relevant moods and textures from TagTeam’s Keyword List.
  • Identify music genres, sub-genres and styles.
  • Construct one sentence editorials that describe the music’s mood, texture, genres and instrumentation.

Ideal Qualifications

  • Experience working in the Production Music Industry is preferred.
  • Bachelor of Music (emphasis in performance, composition, business, or musicology).
  • Strong knowledge in music genres and eras.
  • Experience tagging music a plus.
  • Ability to complete project deadlines.
  • Deep passion for music listening.