Tagteam Analysis provides high-quality descriptive music metadata to libraries, labels, composers, and companies in need of advanced search and discoverability in their catalog.

Our specialization in human-listening based metadata makes us highly unique in an industry increasingly crowded with automation, AI and machine-learning alternatives, and our proprietary process combined with over a decade of experience in the production music industry delivers search for our customers that is truly a cut above.

All of our analysts are musicians trained to identify the specific qualities that make each track stand out—traits like:


  • Mood
  • Tempo
  • Key
  • Instrumentation
  • Subgenre
  • Vocal qualities
  • Editorial Description
  • Rhythmic complexity
  • Production quality
  • Lyrical Themes
  • Industry usage
  • and more!

Through a combination of experience, training, and powerful in-house software, we provide metadata at scale that is highly accurate and relevant to search for placement in film, TV, and advertising.

We provide the same high-quality service to clients of all sizes, from small composers and boutique music libraries all the way up to large scale catalogs of 100,000 tracks or more. In fact, it is the breadth of our client base over the years that has kept our sense of industry trends (along with our selection of industry-specific tags) highly relevant to the needs of modern music supervisors and editors. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

We also deliver to most major production music platforms, and regularly customize our tagging process and deliveries to the needs of our clients, making us highly flexible to your needs.