Tagteam Analysis offers music analyst services to companies in need of an advanced music search system.  We are the human element of music tagging.  We listen for specific musical traits such as harmonics, tempo, instrumentation, sub genre, vocal qualities, rhythmic complexity, production quality, and many more traits that provide the client with custom metadata in order to create a powerful and accurate music search engine for their website.  We can provide your company with the extra manpower to tag up to 5000 additional songs per month.  So if your company has backlogs or new catalogs of thousands of songs, we can help!  If you are a smaller company with less volume, we can still offer accuracy on every tag!
We work directly with your in-house creatives and programmers and provide you with the best quality outsourcing services currently offered in the music industry. We have partner aggregators that are also at your service if you should need an e-commerce solution to license your music from your own website.  We have done business with these reputable companies and we have experience working with their formatting and procedures for tagging music.

Our Partners


LicenseQuote is a music licensing e-commerce solution Software As A Service (SAAS) for independent music creators, publishers, labels, catalogs and libraries to license their compositions and music recordings directly from their own web sites while keeping 100% of the sales revenues. The LicenseQuote service provides a powerful array of publishing and licensing tools for music publishers to set up and manage their own branded Licensing Store on their own websites to facilitate licensing sales transactions directly with their existing and future customer base.


SourceAudio hosts hundreds of thousands of music and sound design tracks available for searching, distributing, and licensing. SourceAudio clients have the ability to manage their tracks with easy distribution features, customizable track metadata, and advanced reporting tools that allow monitoring of external plays, downloads and other user behavior. Additionally, SourceAudio maintains client branding, including the option for hosting on a client’s URL. SourceAudio is the definitive music licensing and distribution solution.


Audiosparx is an industry-leading music library and stock audio web site that brings together a world of music and sound effects from thousands of independent music artists, producers, bands and publishers in a hot online marketplace. In operation since 1996, AudioSparx specializes in licensing hight-quality audio content to clients in film and TV production, game production, ad agencies and others needing world-class audio cues for their productions and projects.


Musync has been sourcing the highest quality indie music for television, film and Internet since 2001. We curate fresh, new music globally, and many compositions are offered exclusively. Every amazing track in the catalog is 100% pre-cleared, fully insured and ready for licensing as soon as you make a selection. Searches are free and flawlessly executed in an hour or two. And we always match any reasonable budget. See what we’re up to: projects using our music, listen to thousands of songs and more.