Retitling Tracks

In need of thematic, professional titles for your music or SFX? 

With TagTeam’s proprietary re-titling tool, we build creative 2 to 3 word track titles that reflect the style, texture and mood of a track:


Before & After Re-Titling

Ambiguous filename w/out Titles Re-Title
m1v2 1_02_26_23.mp3 Ominous Fragmentation.mp3
3v4 1_12_46_20.mp3 Moonlit Wishes.mp3
DS 2m12 v1.mp3 Detailed Dawn.mp3
2m13 v1.mp3 Plotting Exploitation.mp3
Track 01.mp3 Grandiose Vision.mp3


As with all metadata TagTeam provides, our track titles are based on human listening, with succinct targeted keywords that add to the searchability of each track.


We also provide detailed retitling for SFX, Sound Effects and Sound Design libraries, transforming track titles like:

Sound Design w/out Titles Re-Title
Loop 01 – A – 90BPM_1.wav SFX001_Rhodes Quarter Note Positive Chords Major with Room (A – 90BPM).wav
Loop 02 – F – 90BPM_1.wav SFX002_Warm Rhodes Strum Complex Chords (F – 90BPM).wav
Loop 03 – G – 90BPM_1.wav SFX003_Dark Crunchy Synth Melody Minor Loop (G – 90BPM).wav
Loop 04 – E – 90BPM_1.wav SFX004_Deep Crunchy Keyboard Pad Chords Optimistic (E – 90BPM).wav
Loop 05 – C – 90BPM_1.wav SFX005_High Sentimental Muted Keyboard Chords (C – 90BPM).wav

SFX track titles can also include other relevant metadata like BPM, Key, or Instrumentation on request.


To submit tracks for retitling, use the form below, or feel free to contact us with any additional questions or specifications.