Metadata Embedding

Deliver metadata accurately in industry-standard formats by embedding search tags, publishing info and album art directly into audio files

There are many cases where handing off your music metadata via CSV or Excel file works just fine—think bulk file deliveries to search platforms, distributors, and sub-publishers accustomed to handling and ingesting search data.


For everyone else, embed metadata to your audio files directly. It’s the industry standard, and for good reason: audio files like AIFs, MP3s, and WAVs shared online through services like Dropbox, Hightail, Google Drive and WeTransfer are easily separated from accompanying metadata documents, causing immediate headaches for music supervisors and other potential clients interested in licensing them.

Not to mention, embedding keyword metadata to audio files makes them instantly searchable in popular audio software like SoundMiner, Pro Tools, and iTunes, and keeps important track information like lyrics, publishing splits, writer info, and contact details directly linked to the audio they belong to.


Professional, Timely File Formatting and Delivery. On request, we deliver your audio assets with clean, consistent metadata embedded directly to the file formats of your choice. If you are already using our tagging services, we can integrate any additional info you provide us to best match the metadata we deliver regularly in our industry.