Using the Swagger Tag

Swagger Music, is a style of music that evokes a sense of cool, hip, slick and sometimes sultry moods.  It can be used in scenes that involve “the cool walk” with the “I’m tough” look. Swagger music can be considered a sub-genre or found as a “Style” tag or “Music For” tag.

Here are some examples of how certain genres of music can be used in a “Swagger” scene.

Swagger in Motown R&B:

Artist: The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?
This track has a driving Funk groove and a heavy backbeat that give it that extra edge for a scene with attitude.


A film spot with the same drive and feel can be found in the “walk scene” of Kill Bill Vol. 1


Swagger in Hip Hop/Rap:

SWAGGER WAGON Official Toyota Music Video
This track has a Gangsta laid-back/half time Hip Hop feel with double time rhythms.


Swagger in Classic Pop/Rock:

Steely Dan “Dirty Work”
American Hustle Walk Scene
This track is mellow and smooth and evokes a slick, sultry scene.


Swagger in Soul/Blaxploitation:

I’m Gonna Git You Sucka – Fly Guy
Although this is more comical than serious, the mood of the character is still cool and confident.

Hopefully these examples will help you to spot the “Swagger” elements in a track.

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