When analyzing music, we listen for the distinct elements that make up the musical “fingerprint” of a song. This will in turn help your clients find songs based on specific items of interest as well as match songs with similar traits.  Acquiring this information can also give your clients freedom to narrow down their search to the precise song or songs.  Below are examples of musical traits TagTeam analysts are trained to listen for:

Cue Type
Featured Instruments
Sounds Like


Example: Orquesta D’Soul “Power of Love”

Below is an example of an analysis of a simple pop song.

Title: Power of Love
Tempo: Medium Fast
Genre: Latin
Sub-Genre: Reggaeton, Salsa
Description: Energetic and determined, featuring montuno piano, female lead vocals and horns that create a passionate, cheerful mood.
Moods: Rhythmic, Erotic, Sexy, Cheerful, Passionate, Upbeat, Determined, Driving, Bright, Groovy, Bouncy
Styles: Desire, Inspiration, Empowerment, Global, Good Times, Celebration, Exotic
Cue Type: Songs
Featured Instruments: Piano, Female Lead Vocals, Ethnic Percussion, Horns
Sounds Like: Celia Cruz, Buena Vista Social Club, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan
Vocals: Female


TagTeam Analysis Keywords

We offer consistent tagging by using industry specific keywords customizable for your library and we can also work with your current keywords and tagging system.