Industry Usage Keywords: Extreme Sports, Action Sports, Surf, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Cycling.

Just wanted to throw out a few industry usage tags that might be beneficial to your library or original music if you represent Electronica, Rocktronica, Dubstep, Urban, Hip Hop or heavy grooving tracks.
Read more for the specific musical features and examples that make the best fit for Sports Music.

Musical Detail:


BPM: 85-115
Regarding tempo, it is safe to say that most tempo variations will be between 60-120.  Also, half-time feels and slower tempos have an impact on spots that involve flight and slow motion.
Here is an example:


The groove will usually contain heavy beats on 2 and 4 as well as punchy rhythms and aggressive hits, even if the genre is more “ambient” there will still be a back beat or syncopated rhythms.
Here is an example:

Predominant Genre

Rocktronica, Electronica, Urban, Dubstep
Most extreme sports music contains elements of Electronica, Rock and sometimes orchestral hybrids that include electronic textures, cinematic themes and heavy drums that create a more dramatic effect.  Also fusion of Rock, Urban and Electronica are sometimes evident.

Here is an example:

Hopefully these keywords will be helpful to your library!

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