Screening Strategy for Reviewing Artist Submissions

This info may be of interest to those who work with indie artist submissions for TV/Film.  We created a platform to rank music in the criteria of production quality, sync-ability, overall musicianship, songwriting and BPM.  We hope this strategy will help in organization and speed for getting through thousands of tracks.

Here is how it works:

Rating Tab: (Rank the Tracks)

  • On the Track Rating tab, you can input file name/track number.
  • We use a ranking system from 1-5 (1 being least, 5 being most) when screening for above
    mentioned criteria
  • We can tap out BPM

Scroll from next track or previous track buttons and clear track data


Data Tab:
(Collecting Data)

  • The “Data” tab collects all metadata from the “Track Rating” tab

The Filter tool at top enables you to choose all tracks that have the highest or lowest rankings from

each category. Useful for filtering out tracks of subpar quality, or that don’t meet certain criteria.”

Manual Tab: (References)

The “Manual” tab contains basic guidelines for what to listen for along with references.


The platform is fully customizable to accommodate any criteria you may need.

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