Industry Usage Keywords: Dramedy

The term Dramedy is used for film spots that depict a mixture of both comedy and drama.  Music used for Dramedy can be described as animated, sometimes energetic, light and usually bright and bouncy in texture.
Genres Associated with Dramedy:
Jazz (Dixieland, Swing, Latin Jazz, Lounge, Exotica)
Latin (Bossa Nova)
Orchestral (Pizzicato strings)
Country (Bluegrass)
Instrumentation can vary based on the genre.  Generally speaking, predominant instruments are light percussion (i.e. shakers, bongos, triangle), Strings (usually pizzicato-light and sparse), Woodwinds (clarinet, flute), Upright Bass (rhythmic emphasis on beats 1 and 3, polka or bluegrass feel)
Bouncy, Bright, Pingy, Light, Energetic, Happy, Sparse, Sneaky, Humorous, Comical, Whimsical, Dramatic, Cheerful, Determined, Quirky, Cartoon, Animated, Children
Here are some examples of Dramedy:
Position Music has some great examples on their site:
1950’s/1960’s Coffee Commercials:

Ren and Stimpy:


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