Industry Usage Keywords: Dramedy

The term Dramedy is used for film spots that depict a mixture of both comedy and drama. Music used for Dramedy can be described as animated, sometimes energetic, light and usually bright and bouncy in texture.

Genres Associated with Dramedy:

  • Jazz (Dixieland, Swing, Latin Jazz, Lounge, Exotica)
  • Latin (Bossa Nova)
  • Orchestral (Pizzicato strings)
  • Country (Bluegrass)



Instrumentation can vary based on the genre. Generally speaking, predominant instruments are:

  • Light percussion (i.e. shakers, bongos, triangle)
  • Strings (usually pizzicato-light and sparse)
  • Woodwinds (clarinet, flute)
  • Upright Bass (rhythmic emphasis on beats 1 and 3, polka or bluegrass feel)



Bouncy, Bright, Pingy, Light, Energetic, Happy, Sparse, Sneaky, Humorous, Comical, Whimsical, Dramatic, Cheerful, Determined, Quirky, Cartoon, Animated, Children


Here are some examples of Dramedy:

1950’s/1960’s Coffee Commercials:


Ren and Stimpy:


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